Pamela Reimer, RMT
Business Owner

I received my diploma from Everest College in July 2008 and became registered with the College of Massage Therapist's of Ontario in October 2008. Since then I have grown a successful private In-Clinic and On-Site massage therapy healthcare provider business. As an avid freelance writer, speaker, coach, researcher, consultant, educator and therapist for the massage therapy industry, my passion for educating the public on the strong benefits of massage therapy and providing highly effective treatments is paramount. In my opinion and experience, advanced massage therapy is so effective for so many diverse conditions, that it's quite possibly the best stand alone therapy available today, especially for Back Pain. My continuing education interests include Ashiatsu certification, LANA certification (Lymphedema Association of North America) and a diploma in Wound nursing. In my spare time I enjoy activities such as skating, rollerblading, swimming and meditational yoga. Some of my other interests include language studies, artistic choreography, film, video production, quantum physics, nutrition and the fine arts.

What Do We Do
  • We help many people with common conditions, especially Back Pain by providing relief and often times complete healing of pain by locating,treating and correcting dysfunction
  • We provide a natural safe effective way to heal faster after surgery or injuries by reducing pain and swelling,releasing spasms and restrictions,eliminating scar tissue and improving range of motion
  • We provide a solution for wanting one strong natural therapy that gives long lasting multiple benefits and ever increasing results
  • We provide a highly effective aid for depression and anxiety
  • We help Senior's maintain independant living by improving muscle and joint health
  • We improve weight training/sports by treating and preventing injuries and fine-tuning muscles
  • We help people return to work quickly who have work related injuries
  • We help determine and possibly correct common hidden dysfunctions such as a tilted pelvis
  • We provide very important prevention education and instruction
  • We help many people to improve their overall health and well-being with massage therapy

What Can You Expect To Gain

From A Course Of Therapy Or Routine Therapy






Joints - Muscles - Skin - Fascia





and much more...

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